Bike Profile: Soulcraft Winter Commuter

Soulcraft Plowboy Winter Commuter

The setup on this bike is pretty simple, but super effective for a winter commuter. The base is an old steel, single speed 26" mountain bike frame by Soulcraft. The parts on this thing are totally random, (check out the Moots stem) pulled from the shop. The key however is an extra set of winter wheels which have Nokian Freddies Revenz 2.35" studded tires on them. The extra grip of the studs is critical to keep it rubber-side-down. I use simple clip on fenders, as I prefer their flexibility when snow and ice packs up on the wheels. The biggest change I make to this bike for winter is the removal of its suspension fork, as I prefer the precision and simplicity of the rigid fork for winter riding. The fire paint job doesn't hurt either. I also add a few extra reflectors and lights for the dark winter months. 

Truly, the biggest thing about winter commuting is to invest in good tires, and to just mentally commit to getting out and riding! After that it's honestly super fun, efficient, and often quicker than warming up the car anyway.

See you on the trails!